2018 Connected Health Conference (Boston, MA)

2018 Connected Health Conference (https://www.connectedhealthconf.org/boston/2018)

October 17-19, 2018
Boston, MA
Seaport World Trade Center (Boston, MA)

Balancing Technology and the Human Element

In an era when digital technologies enable individuals to track health statistics such as daily activity and vital signs, and new applications of artificial intelligence, social robots and vocal biomarkers are creating new opportunities for health, we are now facing the next great challenge: integrating these technologies in healthcare delivery, wellness and daily living.

Thoughtfully embedding technology into healthcare will allow providers to focus on the human elements of caring, judgment and emotional intelligence, support cooperative care with patients, improve health outcomes, enhance patient-doctor relationships and enable a critical shift to prevention, wellness and self-care across the lifespan.

The Connected Health Conference has a rich tradition of bringing you the latest thinking, emerging applications and technologies, undiscovered entrepreneurs and proven leaders in connected health. This year’s CHC18 program creates a dynamic learning and networking environment, showcasing forward-thinking approaches and technologies that are driving integration of connected health into consumer health and care delivery, featuring such topics as:

  • Innovation
  • Policy
  • New technologies and emerging applications
  • Implementation
  • Chronic disease management
  • Design
  • Digital therapeutics and personalized medicine
  • International perspectives
  • Evidence

To register: https://www.connectedhealthconf.org/boston/2018/register