CTeL Executive Telehealth Fall Summit 2017 (Washington, DC)

CTeL Executive Telehealth Fall Summit 2017 (http://www.ctelsummit.org)

November 30 – December 1, 2017
Washington, DC
Washington Marriott Georgetown (Washington, DC)

The CTeL Summit brings together Fortune 500 executives and telehealth stakeholders from prominent hospital systems, providers and payers, care visionaries, researchers and analysts, legal experts, technology prophets, policy influencers, and policy makers all actively innovating in private organizations, government, academia, and non-profits.

Under the microscope at the Summit table will be:

  • Telehealth best-care practices
  • New technologies and research insights
  • Innovative business approaches
  • Legal and regulatory compliance issues
  • Telehealth public policy governance

All promising to deliver an interactive and though-provoking experience.


  • Engage in substantive dialogue with those in telehealth who are the catalysts for growth
  • Learn about how and where new models of telehealth delivery are evolving
  • Hear the difficult, yet essential questions, and the hard answers on compliance issues
  • Participate in debates with those passionate about quality telehealth care
  • Experience candid and direct conversations, not edited for the benefit of the news media
  • Learn from stakeholders about what is working and what isn’t, in telehealth practices across North America and in emerging global markets
  • Connect with telemedicine stakeholders
  • Experience all of this and more in a unique participatory setting

Conference Registration: http://www.ctelsummit.org/register