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Seven ways to get your home telemonitoring program started

Seven ways to get your home telemonitoring program started

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Posted on October 9, 2014 by HTRC

The Center for Connected Health and the Center for Technology and Aging recently took an in-depth look at congestive heart failure and COPD home monitoring programs from across the nation.  Based on this research, they developed a calculator tool to help health care organizations evaluate the cost and benefits of a home monitoring program. In addition to developing the calculator, their research identified patterns that helped make programs successful and cost effective. Try these seven tips to get your program off on the right foot!

  1. Use the calculator! You’ll need to gather some data first on patient enrollment and operating costs, but the help buttons will guide you through.
  2. Manage short-term expectations. Successful programs, or those with significant return on investment (ROI) in year five, commonly start out with modest or sometimes even negative ROIs.
  3. Scale up aggressively. Programs that start with a small enrollment and aggressively increase to about 75% of patients in the target group, are more likely to see strong ROI growth.
  4. Own it. Consider purchasing equipment rather than renting it. Renting can make the numbers look better for the first few years, but in the long run purchasing the equipment will yield higher ROI.
  5. Choose appropriate patient candidates. Those who are very ill often need hands-on care, while patients in very early stages may be able to manage their condition with little intervention. Home patient monitoring yields the most benefits for patients in the middle stages of the disease.
  6. Consider reducing the intervention period. The typical length of time for a home monitoring program is 2-6 months and researchers have noted programs that have reduced their intervention period have tended to provide the same health benefits with lower cost.
  7. Refurbish and reuse equipment to keep costs low. Programs that develop a system where equipment comes in a box that can easily be shipped back tend to have better luck than those who pay for staff to do the pick up.

If you are considering a home telemonitoring program, HTRC can help. HTRC has experience setting up home monitoring programs and many of our services are free. For more information, give us a call at 877-643-HTRC (4872).