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Malpractice: Is Telehealth Covered?

Malpractice: Is Telehealth Covered?

PBTRC reached out to malpractice insurance providers in Hawaii and the Pacific Island territories for clarification on their telehealth policies.

Below is a short summary of the telehealth policies for some malpractice insurers in Hawaii:

Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC)

MIEC has a clear policy regarding telehealth coverage (click here for excerpt from policy)

  • Must have prior notification with MIEC indicated principal place of practice
  • Notification if you move
  • Acts (or non­Acts) within state of principal place of practice as declared in policy
  • Inform MIEC in writing regarding services provided via telehealth

HAPI (click here for summary)

  • Prior established relationship between doctor and patient (in person) Telehealth can be used for follow­up with reasonable professional judgment based on ‘facts and circumstances’
  • In general, service covered same as other medical services should be within providers medical specialty, for the good of the patient

The Doctors Company (click here for summary)

  • Standard policy – service via Internet or media excluded from policy (not covered) if no prior relationship established between doctor and patient
  • IF prior relationship established, need to contact TDC underwriter to provide specific information (patient location, services, etc.). TDC will make determination on a case­by­case basis

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

On September 5, 2014, the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) released the final version of their proposal of interstate medical licensure compact (Compact) language. The language provides a framework for a new licensing option under which qualified physicians seeking to practice in multiple states would be eligible for expedited licensure in all states participating in the Compact. As of January 2015, 14 states have introduced bills to their state legislatures to adopt the Compact. Those states are: Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

To view the compact language in its entirety, please click HERE.

To view the legislation, please click HERE.