Laws & Legislation


Memorandum: Medicaid Med-QUEST Division Telehealth Policy Update (May 2, 2017)

The tele-health law (Act 226, SLH 2016) can ow be implemented by the QUEST integration health plans and Medicaid FFS providers.

Billing and coding information is located in the FFS 17-01A Attachment A PDF.

Senate Bill 2395: Relating to Telehealth (July 7, 2016)

Senate Bill 2395, signed into law on July 7, 2016 as Act 226(16):

  • Requires the State’s Medicaid Managed Care and Fee-for-Service programs to cover services provided through telehealth;
  • Specifies that any telehealth services provided shall be consistent with all federal and state privacy, security, and confidentiality laws;
  • Specifies medical professional liability insurance policy requirements with regard to telehealth coverage;
  • Clarifies that reimbursement for services provided through telehealth shall be equivalent to reimbursement for the same services provided via face-to-face contact between a health care provider and a patient;
  • Requires written disclosure of coverages and benefits associated with telehealth services;
  • Ensures that telehealth encompasses store and forward technologies, remote monitoring, live consultation, and mobile health;
  • Ensures that telehealth is covered when originating in a patient’s home and other non-medical environments;
  • Clarifies requirements for physicians and out-of-state physicians to establish a physician-patient relationship via telehealth;
  • Ensures that reimbursement requirements for telehealth services apply to all health benefits plans under chapter 87A, Hawaii Revised Statutes; and
  • Makes other conforming amendments related to telehealth for clarity.

Senate Bill 2469: Relating to Telehealth (June 30, 2014)

Senate Bill 2469, signed into law on June 30, 2014, requires equivalent reimbursement for services, including behavioral health services, provided through telehealth as for the same services provided via face-to-face contact between a health care provider and a patient. It also clarifies that health care providers for purposes of telehealth include primary care providers, mental health providers, oral health providers, physicians and osteopathic physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, psychologists, and dentists. In addition, it changes statutory references to “telemedicine” to “telehealth” for consistency.

White Paper: Advancing Telehealth in Hawaii: Issues and Challenges


Public Law No. 29-92: The Telemedicine Act of 2008  (July 22, 2008)

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

Health Care Professions Licensing Act of 2007