Using Zoom VTC Technology

Zoom is a “cloud based” video conferencing service.  It has potential to be an asset in the Telemedicine and Telehealth communities.  PBTRC is previewing this technology and its possibilities.

Zoom Conferences that are arranged and setup by a user with a “paid” account, will allow up to 20 users for an unlimited meeting period.  The participants do not have to have Zoom paid accounts.

Zoom conferences that are setup by users with a “free” account are limited to a maximum of 10 participants and limited to a maximum of 40 minute meetings.   For more specific information about Zoom, go to their website.

In testing Zoom, PBTRC has created a few basic procedures on using Zoom.


Setting Up a Zoom PRO (paid) Account
Joining a Zoom Conference
Sending Zoom Meeting Invites
How use Zoom in a Conference

Video Conferencing Tips

OfficialZoom videos and user instructions can be found at the Zoom Support Center.

We have downloaded a few of the Zoom instructions that we felt were helpful and saved as .pdf fPDF procedures from Zoom

Zoom Support Center:

Getting Started on PC and MAC
System Requirements for PC and MAC
How Do I Invite Other to Join
How Do I Schedule Meetings
How Do I Start or Join a Scheduled Meeting
Meet Now vs. Schedule Meetings
Schedule with Personal Meeting ID
What are the Attendee Controls
What are the Host or Moderator Controls