What do I Need to Receive Telehealth Services?

Telehealth visits can be provided using videoconferencing applications that work on computers, tablets (e.g. iPads), and smartphones.  You will need an internet or cellular connection to do the videoconferencing so the healthcare provider and you can see and talk to each other through your devices.

Sometimes, visits can be done by just talking on the telephone.  Whether you can do a telehealth visit by only telephone depends on the type of service you need and sometimes on the health insurance that you have.

Your healthcare provider may use special applications that go through your on-line medical record system.  Others will send you information to connect with them on-line for your visit.  You can also go to services “on demand” and log onto an on-line service that will connect you to a healthcare provider who is working at that time.

Some families and communities do not have devices, internet or cellular services to connect at home for telehealth. There may be places in the community set up to allow you to receive telehealth services.  Please continue to check under “Who Provides Telehealth Services” for announcements about these community sites.

During this COVID-19 crisis, many doctors, other healthcare providers, and health insurance plans have expanded the type of medical visit that can be done by telehealth.  It is best to contact your doctor, healthcare provider, or health insurance plan to see if you can have a telehealth visit for your medical issue.  You can find telehealth provider information by going to the Who Provides Telehealth Services section.

For more information:

Video on What to Expect from your Telehealth Visit

This animated video developed by the Hawaii Department of Health will explain telehealth, how to prepare for a telehealth visit, and what will happen during a telehealth visit.

What to Ask if You are Concerned that You have COVID-19

This is a checklist of questions your telehealth provider may ask you when you are concerned about COVID-19 symptoms:

What to ask about Coronavirus (COVID-19): If You Think You’re Sick

Patient checklists for telehealth services

These checklists will help you navigate getting and going through your telehealth visit:

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Checklist for on-demand visits