Latest Past Events

Pacific GUT Club

Hosted by Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center. Each month, healthcare professional from across the Pacific Island Region gather to present unique medical cases and discuss possible diagnoses.

GpTRAC Telehealth Everywhere! 2023 Conference

Hosted by Great Plains Telehealth Resource Center. The Telehealth Everywhere 2023 Conference will take place at the Radisson Blu - Mall of America and will consist of presentations about telehealth policy and new innovations. There will also be a number of exhibitions that showcase telehealth technologies and more.

A Novel Approach to the Behavioral Health Workforce Expansion Grant

Hosted by Southwest Telehealth Resource Center. Speaker Dr. Sara Edmund from the University of Arizona will share knowledge about increasing the supply and distribution of behavioral health (BH) professionals, expanding BH training to include interprofessional, team-based care and encouraging BH professionals to practice in rural, underserved and border communities.