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For Providers

Find telehealth information and resources for providers

For Providers

Getting Started With Telehealth

Learn about telehealth best practices, current technologies and see a list of resources to help you get started.

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Clinical Care

Find resources for providing specific types of clinical care via telehealth including: how to do physical exams as well as treating opioid use disorder.

Grants and Funding Opportunities

Find Federal telehealth related funding opportunities and learn about programs that exist to help qualified households pay for internet connectivity and telephone service.

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Telehealth Program Evaluation Tools

Find the tools you need to evaluate your teleheath program.

These evaluation forms may be used to assess telemedicine program satisfaction in real-time consultation for the consulting health care providers, referring health care providers, patients, consultants and originating site.

Provider Resources

HRSA Resources

Telehealth resources for health care providers, doctors, practitioners, and hospital staff are available on the HRSA website.

The Center of Excellence for Protected Health Information

CoE-PHI provides guidance on how the HIPAA rules permit health care providers and health plans to use remote communication technologies for AUDIO-ONLY telehealth.