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Clinical Care

Resources for providing specific types of clinical care via telehealth

Clinical Care

Clinical Care Resources

Physical Exams via Telehealth

This guide from Caravan Health provides an overview of how to perform a physical examination of a patient through telehealth and what to address on different parts of the body.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine COVID-19 Outpatient Management Guidelines for Pregnant Women in Hawaiʻi

This guide from the University of Hawaiʻi addresses guidelines for maternal-fetal medicine outpatient management guidelines to to minimize exposure to COVID-19 and variants.

Child and Adolescent Telepsychiatry Toolkit

This toolkit from the American Psychiatric Association covers topics in telepsychiatry related to history, training, practice/clinical issues, reimbursement, and legal issues from leading child and adolescent psychiatrists.

Treating Opioid Use Disorder via Telehealth Tips for Primary Care Providers

This document from the Opioid Response Network answers frequently asked questions related to treating opioid use disorder (OPD) through telehealth tips for primary care providers.