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Telehealth Training Resources

Browse resources to prepare for telehealth 

Telehealth Training

Developing Telehealth Training Scenarios

A Step-By-Step Guide For Nursing

Creating telehealth training scenarios can be difficult but this guidance provides you with tools to make the task easier. 

Telehealth Interprofessional Education (TIPE)

The TIPE modules are brought to you by the Hawaiʻi Department of Health (DOH) Genetics Program, the University of Hawaiʻi, HMSA, PBTRC, and the Hawaiʻi Keiki Program. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for telehealth interprofessional collaboration by highlighting different telehealth models and examining the benefits of each. Stay tuned for the launch!

Family Advocate Telehealth Training (FATT)

The Family Advocate Telehealth Training Course is brought to you by Western States Regional Genetics Network (WSRGN) and PBTRC. The modules will give you a foundation of knowledge about telehealth and where to find resources for families to connect to services by telehealth. You can earn a certificate when you successfully complete the course.

Northstar Digital Literacy (NDL)

The Northstar program is an online training platform brought to you by Literacy Minnesota. The self-paced modules focus on three main areas:

  1. Essential Computer Skills (Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows OS, Mac OS)
  2. Essential Software Skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs)
  3. Using Technology in Daily Life (Social Media, Information Literacy, Career Search Skills, Accessing Telehealth Appointments, Supporting K-12 Distance Learning, Your Digital Footprint).

You can earn a certificate when you successfully pass each assessment at no cost. Additionally, Northstar offers testing locations all over the U.S.