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American Samoa Policies and Regulations

Telehealth laws for American Samoa

American Samoa Policies and Regulations

Telehealth Laws

There are no telehealth laws in American Samoa.

Licensure Requirements

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Licensing Overview

An added burden for providers in practicing telehealth across borders is the need for medical licenses and the processes to obtain licensure in different states. American Samoa currently does not require local licensure for telehealth.

However, to protect the integrity of and maintain acceptable standards and protocols, licensure and medical certification need to be confirmed and authority must be given by the American Samoa Health Services Regulatory Board to operate or practice in American Samoa.

Additionally, other requirements are being discussed including the need to obtain a local business license with the Department of Commerce.

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Contact the American Samoa Health Services Regulatory Board

The American Samoa Health Services Regulatory Board is the overarching body responsible for ensuring all providers practicing health in American Samoa have the proper licensure and authority to do so.

Department of Health
Pago Pago, AS 96799 

Public Health Emergency (PHE) Status and Waivers

At the Federal level, there were many policy waivers for Medicare that temporarily lifted restrictions such as the patient and provide location, provider type, services and delivery mechanism including lack of enforcement by the Office for Civil Rights for use of non-HIPAA guideline compliant platforms. With the exception of Behavioral Mental Health, most of these waivers remain temporary until the end of the PHE. It remains to be determined what policies will become permanent.

The Cross Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP) tracks PHE policy waivers for: originating site, provider type, service expansion, audio-only delivery, easing prescribing requirements, easing consent requirements, cross-state licensing, private payer, and miscellaneous. Visit the Federal CCHCP COVID-19 tracker.

Reimbursement of Service Waiver

Since COVID-19, the federal government has expanded funding for telehealth under Medicare and these apply to American Samoa. American Samoa is currently operating under Public Health Emergency (PHE) telehealth waivers for Medicare and Medicaid. The American Samoa Government is currently assessing the need for a Medicaid State Plan Amendment for including telehealth Medicaid reimbursement beyond the PHE.